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SoySauce calms down a bit in a remix of "Born Free" [Download]

In the past, I've shared a few different releases from SoySaucethe eccentric young trap producer with close ties to my boy Royal. They've been rocking around, playing shows where they can, and leaving an imprint of good music and sushi everywhere they go.

Today I have a new remix from Soy of Stalking GIA's "Born Free". This one differs from his past drops in that it's not as electronic, and doesn't take the usual trap route. This one is more focused on a smooth, guitar driven house remix. I definitely dig this side of SoySauce, and hope he continues to release these gems on the side.

Grab Soy's version of "Born Free" here, and check out more SoySauce here


Dance · Download · House · Progressive


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