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Gunslinger wields new two-track 'Roadhouse EP'

Electronic dance music has quickly become one of the most prevalent music cultures of our time. While most electronic stuff we hear today–both in the mainstream and underground–is somehow influenced by music of decades past, many producers are focused on creating futuristic trends that no one can necessarily predict.

Enter Gunslinger, a hybrid act that fuses timeless analog sound and structure with present day electro house beats. Having a live show that extends beyond the common DJ set, the LA-based production duo embodies the identity of a seasoned classic rock band with modern day finesse.

The band's newest release, the Roadhouse EP, combines punchy, energetic synths with a deep thoughtfulness that is unexpected in most electro house tracks. Both songs possess a vibe intrinsic to Gunslinger's rock background, yet each explores a unique direction within the electronic dance music realm.

We're looking forward to seeing what Gunslinger has in store for the rest of 2015.

(words by @musicsgf)

Dance · Electro House · Electronic


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