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Ana-Tole & Jonah Christian re-imagine The Fugees classic "Ready or Not"

Some of the most remarkable projects of recent memory have been the result of unlikely collaborations between artists of different musical and geographical backgrounds. Today, EARMILK is pleased to present a masterful collaborative EP by two artist who hail from opposite sides of the globe, but who were brought together by a mutual love for sound manipulation and the soulful grooves of the 90s.

Jonah Christian is a multi-instrumentalist/electronic producer based out of Los Angeles who has been crafting tunes since 2001, inspired by his Jamaican roots and the neo-soul & hip-hop movements of the 90s/early 2000s. While Ana-Tole is a classically trained Jazz musician who originating from the UK who has toured and recorded with a plethora of big names (Kanye West, Lana De Rey, Frank Ocean, ect.) and has recently relocated to Los Angeles in order to focus on her own musical endeavors. Although these two had met mostly through happenstance, they were able to connect thanks to a mutual appreciation of forward-thinking composition. Earlier this year the duo put out a genre-bending project entitled the Heartspank EP, which shows what happens when two classically trained musicians decide to go left field.

One of the bonus tracks off of the EP (which is only available for purchase via bandcamp) is a future bass re-interpretation of The Fugees classic track "Ready or Not". This airy remix has Ana-Tole showcasing her superb trombone skills and has some amazing drum & bassline production courtesy of Jonah. Check out the track below and make sure to purchase the full Heartspank EP off of their Bandcamp page!



Ana-Tole x Jonah Christian

"Ready or Not" Remix

  • 3/24/2015


Experimental · Jazz


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