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"Free Fall" to la+ch and his high-pitched trademark

Very similar to that of Passion Pit's Michael Angelakos, the voice of rising musician la+ch hits a physically uncomfortable pitch that actually fits quite comfortably with us. I've covered a couple of his singles and collaborations, but this one titled "Free Fall" truly is my favorite.

I love how the turn of electronic music has proved to be more instrumentational and more focused on the physical capabilities of the artist. la+ch is right on the border of being considered an electronic artist, but him and his collective sideways are very unique and talented people who deserve their own place in the industry. "Free Fall" shows his versatility as an artist, beginning with a drowned out characteristic and quickly transitioning into a slicing, clear cut production. His vocals resound off the beat, almost like he's injecting it into your brain like some kind of white noise. It sticks, and not like a catchy hook or pop anthem, but more like something you can't escape as an anomaly. 

Take a listen to "Free Fall" below, and grab it on iTunes.



"Free Fall"

  • sideways
  • March 16


Dance · Electro Pop · Pop


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