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Father asks 'Who's Gonna Get F***** First?' on new album

Billed as "32 minutes of pure, unfiltered debauchery," Father's latest offering, Who's Gonna Get F***** First?, is exactly what the doctor ordered A voice from someone who doesn't really give a flying f*** seemed like a much needed respite from the week long Kendrick Lamar think piece frenzy and the onslaught of pseudo-intellectual comment threads. Father isn't trying to drown you in obscure references or shed light on his harrowing childhood in the streets of Atlanta; rather, he is trying to get you to turn off your inhibitions for a few minutes, so you can join he and his Awful Records crew in creating a never-ending party and unadulterated madness. 

If you are familiar with Father's previous work, namely his Young Hot Ebony tape (which still hasn't been properly appreciated yet), you will notice that Who's Gonna Get F***** First? continues the reliance on minimal beats and DIY ambiance. While they aren't the best beats coming out of the A, each of the twelve tracks contain oddly infectious instrumentals. Awful Records demonstrates that one does not need to have heavy handed production, from someone with a big name, to be successful or enjoyable. "Spoil You Rotten" is comprised of about six or seven sounds, and it is absurd. Furthermore, Father provided majority of the production himself and he has improved vastly. 

Father's flow is conversational, he sounds like he is just talking to you on every track. While all rappers are technically speaking to you on songs, but the Young Pharaoh almost sounds like he doesn't have time or doesn't want to expend the energy to even create a rapper persona and voice. In all honesty, his nonchalant attitude juxtaposed with his objectionable stories works on some many levels. "Everybody In The Club Gettin Shot"—the spiritual successor of "2 Dead 6 Wounded" from Young Hot Ebony—is tale that should illicit some emotional response or tough braggadocio, yet Father just lackadaisically paints the scene inside the club and states he'll leave if the  prices aren't right.

Father's frankness and production combine to make some memorable musical moments, highlighting some of the coldest bars in hip hop. "Vamp" might be one of the realest songs of the year, off of flow alone. "You say shes pregnant, hmph I don't believe in Science," is the bar of the century and will forever be the best response to unwanted situations. 

Father's cool demeanor and interesting production choices keeps his hot streak going, with Who's Gonna Get F***** First?. It is an album that you need to hear and experience, your mind may be opened a little. We promise you can go back to Kendrick right after, take some time out to have some fun.

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