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Action Bronson's debut album 'Mr. Wonderful' drops next week; its documentary is hilarious [Video]

Action Bronson's major label debut album (off Vice/Atlantic/Goliath) is coming in just a few days - Monday, March 23rd to be exact - and to get fans excited Action has released his new short, "Mr. Wonderful - The Documentary." This one-of-a-kind documentary shows fans and followers of Bronsolino how certain individuals make him the basis of their lives.

With the piece, Action Bronson continues to be one of the most hilarious and entertaining artists in rap right now. His take on the world is both refreshing and wildly funny. Watch "Mr. Wonderful - The Documentary" below. Oh, and with Kendrick no longer dropping the same week as him, it'll be interesting to see what sort of numbers Bronson can do (although he's said time and time again he doesn't care - and I believe him).

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