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We are "All Cried Out" after hearing this remix from The Magician

It's corny but we love saying it: The Magician has worked his magic yet again. First premiered via his live "Magic Tape 50" set just over a few weeks ago, The Magician has finally released a full stream of a track that had fans wondering for weeks where they could find this number's magic in its full glory. "All Cried Out" is a remix of Blonde and Alex Newell, and the deep-disco track has enough mixups to wonder if you're listening to three different tracks in one. But the transitions are seamless and soothingly uplifting, as the lush vocals continually compliment The Magician's segues and dirty basslines. Have a listen to the sorcery below, but if you're a file junky you'll have to wait until the track's official April 26th release date to put it on repeat. 



"All Cried Out (feat. Alex Newell)" (The Magician Remix)

  • 26-Apr-15


Dance · Deep House · Disco · House


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