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Feast your ears on the 'Moving Castle Compilation Vol. 004'


The URL-based Moving Castle collective has finally released volume four of their now-famed compilation series. Since volume 1, they've stolen our hearts and tied the leash around our auditory cortex, taking us with them through their journey as a developing group of impressive talent. As a crew, they've fought tooth and nail to become a household name in an era that will forever be defined by that of the impression left by collectives and teams of musicians. They've got a most promising repertoire of next generation sounds this side of the download folder, and we are indescribably pleased to bring them to your attention in every way possible.

From Robokid's experimental fusion of kawaii and dnb to the massive Vices x Jailo x BrassTracks x K.B. Starr big brass collab to Dugong Jr's low-end masterpiece "Ur Body", Moving Castle Vol. 004 is yet another step up the ladder all of these guys (and Mark Johns) seem to be effortlessly climbing. The individual production value, originality, and intention speak on a global level to the various directions music has gone in 2014 and will continue to go in 2015 and beyond. The emotion and hard work is audible and visible in everything from their choice of members to the brand they've been cultivating over the past couple of years.

We look forward to more from each and every one of them, which is incredibly rare considering very few artists ever make it out of big compilations as standalone acts. If you're in Austin, TX for SXSW this week, be sure to check the full Moving Castle event schedule below. You can download the full compilation here, and be sure to follow the crew on Twitter and SoundCloud.

[album artwork by @ImDurante]

Moving Castle x SXSW

3.18 Too Future. x Musx present: Moving Castle SXSW Day Party
3.19 Owsla x SXSW (w/Jai Wolf & Mark Johns)
3.20 Biz 3 x SXSW (w/Mark Johns)
3.21 Nest HQ x Moving Castle x SXSW


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