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ACADEMY give "Hold Me Down" the video treatment [Premiere]

Last week we gave you the latest from ACADEMY in the form of their their most excellent hit, "Hold Me Down"―this time around, we've got the video for you to enjoy. Instead of giving us the formulaic music videos we've all seen before, director Kris Roller gives us a look into what the boys' day to day affairs are all about.

 What I love most about this video is how well the final product turned out; it's dynamic in the way that it is filmed, yet the style shows how down to earth ACADEMY and their music are. Like all of us out there, they just wanna hang with the homies, crush a few brews, and have a good time: three traits that show in their work. 


Check the video out the above video and stay up to date with ACADEMY by following them on their Facebook page. Let's hope they've got some more tunes coming really soon.  



"Hold Me Down"

  • March 17th, 2015


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