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Hannah V. brings a corrupted version to her "Version 2.0" [Premiere]

Hannah V's "Version 2.0" was easily one of the more underrated tracks of this month. Bringing in sass and energy to the track, the piece was a stunningly dark piece that seriously was my jam during ladies night.

When we heard we had the opportunity to bring a remix version to the world, we knew we had to say yes. This version is certainly dirtier, sexier; while the beginning is the exact same, the ending is utterly haunting and magnificent. It slows down and bringing beauty and mutilated vocals together to create a sound that sounds a bit like a screwed song, but in actuality, its a piece entirely of his own. 

Check out the video of the original track here, and stream the remixed version below! 

Club · Dance · Premiere · R&B


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