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Nick Nikon examines the struggles of success on "American Idol"

It's always a feat for a writer to decipher exactly what the musician was trying to convey on a track, but on new song "American Idol" by Toronto based artist Nick Nikon, I got it right away. Maybe that would be because I'm what is jokingly referred to as a "fresh off the boat" NYC resident, or maybe because being a journalist isn't all that dissimilar to being a musician. We do understand the efforts it takes to get your voice heard and the hardships came through loud and clear on this track. 

His catchphrase that "This ain't no American idol," was disturbingly accurate, because instant success happens very rarely, and if anything what's real is the daily struggle more than the flashing lights. I've been into his music since I reviewed the underCOVERS EP back in 2013, and fell in love with his appreciation for old school, electronically based R&B tunes. Because he's one of those multi-talented singers who keeps things smooth, but always adds enough distortion to make both the music and the subject matter interesting. 


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