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Tommie Sunshine and Halfway House show us the "Blue Screen of Death" [Music Video Premiere]

Tommie Sunshine and Halfway House are back together, but this time on the release of their music video for "Blue Screen of Death". Released in collaboration with Hysteria Records, this track brings a massive amount of energy that just won't quit. We've got your very first look at the music video today, and it has so much energy, you'll need to mentally prepare before watching it below.

The montage of 80's videos screams of old school vibes, but they're edited together so seamlessly that it complements the high-energy music video so well. You can even forgive the jarring "Blue Screen of Death" that interrupts the video every so often. Oh, the memories that this video brings back...

Peep the music video here first below!

Purchase "Blue Screen of Death" on Beatport here.


Tommie Sunshine & Halfway House

"Blue Screen of Death"



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