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Kojey Radical gets us to think in "Bambu" [Premiere]

At UCLA, my alma mater, spoken word was really, really, popular. Every Wednesday night, my friends and I would go watch out peers pour their hearts out through poetry, and while I never tried it out myself, it was probably one of the more enlightening things I was watching in college. 

Kojey Radical takes my interest in spoken word, and balances it delicately with slight rap intonations that bring together a whole new different range of emotions. Meshing these two worlds usually means some kind of jazz or soul hop style, but instead he ties it all together with a dark, trap-influenced beat, making Radical one of the most interesting rappers I've heard in a little while. "Bambu" was entrancing upon first listen, and we can't wait to hear more from him in 2015. 

Check out the track below! 




Hip-Hop · Rap · Spoken Word


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