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Beach Baby makes new waves and talks suburban malaise with "Ladybird"

London-born four-piece Beach Baby brings interest to apathetic alt-pop with their debut single “Ladybird.” The guys, who convened at college and fleshed our their party of four by way of a want ad, have a casual, memorable quality akin to other similarly and aptly titled bands Wavves and Beach House sans synth.

“Ladybird”’s simple lyrics, retro guitar rifts, and drifty yet dueling vocals blend together to create a hazy, lo-fi ode to British post-punk. And this track is the poster child for new resuscitating the old, history repeating itself, the circle of life…and all that jazz. The discontented chorus “I don’t want to think about it / I don’t want to think about it / I don’t want to live for nothing / I don’t want to live,” is too general to not be relatable, and pretty soon we're singing along. 

Intentional or not, the “lady” in Ladybird (Ladybug to us state-side) historically referred to the Virgin Mary, but works here too – painting a thematically relevant, revered imagery for the saint-like siren of this song. The single is out March 31 via B3SCI Records, but in the meantime you can get social and stream this grungy goddess of a track, below. 

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