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The multitalented Aruna shares her essential playlist [Exclusive]

Over the past couple of years, Aruna has become known in the music industry, and specifically the trance community, for her vast talents as a singer, songwriter, and DJ, but over the last year disappeared for medical reasons. She is now back with her new single, “The End (Husman Vs. Aruna Club Mix)” out via Enhanced Recordings, a representation of what she went through to finding herself again after being diagnosed with an anxiety disorder. The track is a fantastic demonstration of her passion and not one to be missed, and you can pick up a copy of it at Beatport.

We were able to sit down with Aruna over the weekend and get her Essential Playlist to get to know her a little better. You can check it out below.



Current Favorite: Aruna"The End (Husman vs Aruna Club Mix)” 

Aruna: I worked way too hard on this for too long for it not to be my current fave! Not to mention the back story on the lyric. Its probably the most personally meaningful song I've ever written.


Secret Weapon: ATB feat Stanfour – “Face To Face (Junkx Remix)”

A: I'm not sure what exactly about this particular track whips people into such a frenzy, I just know that it does. Every, single, time.


Pre-rally/Pre-workout Track: Tempo Giusto – “Benzin”

A: I dare anyone to listen to this track and try to sit still! Unless you're catatonic, its not possible!


Chillout Choice: Samantha James – “Find A Way”

A: Samantha's voice can best be described as a hug from God. This particular track has special meaning to me since I was listening to it late at night in the hospital in late 2013 after just having my stomach cut open and it was one of the only things in the world that made me feel OK in that moment. 


Guilty Pleasure: Katy Perry – “Teenage Dream”

A: Sunny day, warm breeze, top down, hair in the wind. This song is the perfect soundtrack for that moment. Love it!


Throwback Classic: Holden & Thompson – “Nothing (93 Returning Mix)”

A: There is magic in this track that transcends genre boundaries and time. It will never get old for me.


Aruna's Top Choice Mashup – Calvin Harris vs Tenishia & Ruben De Ronde vs Zedd vs Flashtech – “(I Need Your) Love Survives a Spectrum On A Sunny Day (Aruna Megamash)”

A: I made this one when I started getting a bit more creative with my mashups, using stems, and vocal hooks, in addition to a full acapellas. I can definitely see myself doing more like this one, possibly even live on the fly during my sets. 


Fav Track by Aruna's Secret DJ Crush – Tydi feat Kerli – “Glow in the Dark”

A: Anyone who's ever met Tydi knows he's one of the most charismatic, flirty, seductive and downright gorgeous hunks of manmeat EDM has to offer. Kerli wrote a killer track with him, not quite sure how she was able to concentrate :D


Favorite Podcast: The Hot List

A: Yes this is my own. Anyone who says they think any DJ has better taste in music than they do either needs a big time confidence boost or they're lying. 

You can subscribe to The Hot List on iTunes here.


Best Track by a DJ Duo: Myon & Shane 54 w Seven Lions feat Tove Lo – “Strangers”

A: This track is a masterpiece. Every party involved brought the best of themselves and it shows. 


Career Defining Record (To Date): Ferry Corsten & Aruna“Live Forever”

A: If someone knows only one song of mine its probably this one. From the music video which I've seen everywhere from Macy's to VH1 India to the TV screens at my own gym to its being one of the Top 50 most played tracks of 2012 on Sirius XM BPM, this one was definitely a game changer. 


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