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90s bounce is revived in VenessaMichaels' "Touch Me" (Feat. Kiana Brown) [Premiere]

When the spring time begins to turn its head, music begins to bloom just as the flowers do. We see less of the melancholy winter vocals, and more of the heated up dance, Janet Jackson type of music. Well it must be that time of year again because I have an exemplary single from VenessaMichaels to bring in the fresh new air with. 

"Touch Me" is a collaboration between Michaels and 17-year-old Kiana Brown, who gives the track the same type of complement Mary J. Blige did with Disclosure by bringing life to the beat, but remaining humble enough to let the production shine through. VanessaMichaels unifies future beats, wavy melodies, urban top lines, and the fusion of 90s R&B to create something brand new; what in her terms could be defined as 2090. Not surprisingly, this future date is also the future title of her future project. In addition to the emotional appeal of the track, Michaels adds this to the purpose: 

"Kiana Brown and I wrote this song together to, believe it or not, empower feminism.  Let’s let the ladies have a shot at deciding what they want for the night; No butterflies"

Take a listen to "Touch Me" below, and grab the free download accordingly.




"Touch Me" (Feat. Kiana Brown)

  • March 2


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