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TIME FOR T's video for "Long Day Home" is as fun as a giant food fight in bed [Video Premiere]

I was recently introduced to Brighton six-piece TIME FOR T by way of LinkedIn. There is no limit to the creative ways that songs come across my desk. But I'm so happy this message landed in my inbox because the video for "Long Day Home" from this strange (in a good way) tropical folk-rock band immediately warmed me from my toes to my fingertips. And as I sit in an NYC coffee shop watching the sun melt away snowstorm Pandora's icy offerings and willing my Matcha latte to heat me from the inside, I'm experiencing the comparable fiery magic that good music can have when it takes hold of your body and soul.

TIME FOR T is a unique amalgamation of indie-folk, rock, soul, afrobeat and swing – creating an eclecticism on par with Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeroes. "Long Day Home" has a loping, jazzy, gravelly feel reminiscent of Man Man's "Van Helsing Boombox" and frontman Tiago Saga's casually urgent, grating (again, in a good way) tenor brings to mind The Tallest Man On Earth

The video contains all the vibrant colors that are felt in the melody, akin to a VSCO-filtered drunken circus or a Theraflu haze c/o being bedridden for a week (of which I had recent firsthand experience). Saga dumps a martini on his head in bed, and I'm picking up what he is putting down. The lyrics of the chorus, delivered after his demand, "Now let's make sense of this" strike another chord: "My skin is paste and my hair is oil / feeling like a long day home / I just want to touch some familiar soil / oh and I'm feeling a long day home / where I don't need my brain on." The balance of vocals filled by electric guitar, piano riffs and an ever-changing percussion carry this song along until culminating with a giant food fight attack in bed.

I just got over a five-day takeover of sickness on my system, and no amount of amoxicillin could pick me up like this track did. Feeling the same on this bluesy winter day? Watch this video below then buy TIME FOR T's EP (out on BBE Records) here.


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