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Tange Lomax's "All Night" brings seriously chill vibes

Tange Lomax is an amazing hip hop artist that's been making serious waves in the North Carolina local scene. She's recently released a new track called "All Night," and it's another addition to her ever-increasingly impressive resume. 

Working with Kenny the Engineer, she mellows us out, and poetically brings together a beautiful scene with clever rhymes and brilliant flow. The North and South Carolina's have got an amazing music scene getting ready to burst, and she's just one of the great talents there. "All Night" proves Tange Lomax's great longevity, and this is one for the books. 

Check out the track below, released through FC Music Group


Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 22.55.13

Tange Lomax

All Night (Feat. Kenny Wizard the Engineer)


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