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Kidd Upstairs offers dark twist on Lykke Li with "Stalker" [Premiere]

California’s got the goods, and this includes self-reliant, rapper-producer Kidd Upstairs. Today, it is our pleasure to premiere his latest work, “Stalker.” Kidd expresses a different personality with this first instrumental release, sampling Lykke Li’s “I Follow Rivers”.

He explains: All of the remixes out there seemed to be mostly club remixes. I always found her vocals to be haunting, and wanted to play with that, adding several different parts beneath.

Lykke Li is one of my favorite female artists, so, naturally, I’m hesitant towards remixes. However, Kidd absolutely nailed it. He took this in such a tasteful direction, putting a cathedral-reverb type of effect on her dreamy vocals, which are wonderfully carried by moody chords and just enough drums.

Fun fact: the intriguing chorus in his hit, “DMNDS”, is a sample of Lykke Li.

Look out for KVSHMIR II, due in May. Meanwhile, refresh your memory and take a gander over to the preceding mixtape KVSHMIR.  




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