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Prides' "Higher Love" remixed by Fred Falke [Premiere]

The Scottish synthpop trio Prides have been growing in popularity since the release of their powerful singles "Out Of The Blue", "The Seeds You Sow" and "Messiah" last year. Continuing their trend of catchy melodies supported by sing-along vocals, Prides recently released a video for "Higher Love" with the official single due out next month. In preparing for the official launch of the track, notorious remix artist and producer Fred Falke gives "Higher Love" a spin.

In recreating the original Prides song, Falke kicks up the momentum in full danceable fashion, introducing a groove-filled backing to support the wholesome vocals. Buoyant and free-flowing, this remix of "Higher Love" will stick with you long after each listen.

As a reference, be sure to check out original video for "Higher Love".  Of the video Prides singer, Stewart Brock says, "We once got a live review that said we play 'every venue like it's an arena'. That was where the idea came from for this video, and we decided to push that idea as far as we could. So it's a full on Prides performance; smoke, lights, balloons, confetti, pyro, but during a Bingo game in a rather disinterested working men's club in Glasgow."

Purchase "Higher Love" on iTunes here.

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