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Kid Moxie enlists HP Hoeger & Rusty Egan for a remix of "Shadow Heart" [Premiere]

As Kid Moxie, Elena Charbila is a genre chameleon, slipping between numerous styles of music with impressive subtlety and grace.  Her latest release, 1888,  was one of last year's most unique albums, full of both sonic suprises and unpredictable collaborators.  Since it's release, a steady stream of remixes has followed, "Shadow Heart" being the most recent track to get reimagined.  This time around the task is taken on by a pair from the DJ world, HP Hoeger of Austria, and Rusty Egan, a former member of '80s band Visage.

Hoeger and Egan strip the elegant pop track to its essence, clearing a path for the rolling guitar riff and steady rhythmic pulse, resulting in a fitting dancefloor counterpart to the original.  There are more Kid Moxie remixes on the way, soon it will be time for her to put together an 1888 remix collection.  You can check out the "Shadow Heart" remix below, and head over to Impose for a full stream of 1888.


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Kid Moxie

"Shadow Heart" (HP Hoeger & Rusty Egan remix)

  • Undo / EMI
  • '1888' out now


Chillout · Downtempo · Premiere


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