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DOT Demo is a shining light for East Coast hip hop on 'Delta Theory: File 1'

DOT Demo is what the East Coast has been missing. Better yet, what hip hop has been missing. Yes, there is Kendrick Lamar. And yes, there is J. Cole. One could go down the [undeniably] short list of quality emcees in today's game and make a case that there's still vital options to choose from. That person would be right.

But the amount is the problem. The words spoken by today's hip hop elite have by-and-large lost their poignancy. And for the better part of the last 30 years, that's what hip hop was known for. They BECAME the world's new rockstars. Rock & Roll itself plummeted and lyrical geniuses, dating back to those like KRS-One and Rakim, took over.

The art form has advanced and changed no doubt - part of what makes music so special is that it continues to change & evolve. But DOT is a student of the culture, and you can tell. His cadences and flows ride so well with the instrumentals he selects. His subject matter is descriptive. It paints pictures and tells stories. Something in the way that he creates gives you the feeling that he is who he says he is, and that above all else he comes from the mecca - New York City.

Check out Delta Theory: File 1 above as well as a number of his most recent visual offerings below.

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