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Worthy announces 'Disbehave Remix' EP, talks life, and gives us a sneak peak from Walker & Royce [Interview + Premiere]

Worthy has been an EARMILK favorite for years, and the San Francisco based DJ/producer had us ecstatic with his debut album Disbehave. Released on his own label Anabatic Records, the Dirtybird cofounder produced a timeless repertoire of tracks such as "I Get" and "Handle It," and now Worthy is taking the next step in expanding his project. 

We had a chance to talk with Worthy about his upcoming release, which will be distributed in two parts, and features remixes from notable colleagues of his like ThugfuckerStanton Warriors, and Walker & Royce. We are proud to provide the first look at Walker & Royce's remix of "Luna," which the duo has crafted into a bouncy house record with a gritty and grimy bassline that you won't be able to get out of your head. Combined with the Brooklyn producers' crafty employment of chopped vocals and minimalist melody, you won't be able to stop moving your body to this one, and we are absolutely itching for more from this upcoming release. 

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As you listen to the Walker & Royce premiere, check out the full transcript of our interview with Worthy below, where we talk about the release, being a label boss, family man, and everything in between. The first part of the Disbehave Remixes EP is due out February 24th, with the second half dropping March 17th. You can find the track listing below. 

EARMILK: First, we'd like to issue our congratulations on 10 excellent years of Dirtybird. Since the birth of Anabatic Records, has being the head of your own label affected your involvement with the collective?
WORTHY: Thanks man, it is crazy to think that Dirtybird is 10 years old now, it went by so fast! I started Anabatic originally just as a place for me to experiment with my music and do whatever I felt would fall musically outside of the Dirtybird sound, which is pretty specific. I wanted to give myself the opportunity to release the music I created on my own terms and my own timeline. And it has given me the opportunity to learn more about the music industry in general. My involvement with Dirtybird has stayed the same over the years, even with owning my own label. The Dirtybird parties are always something that I look forward to and I am as passionate about it now as I was in the beginning. I have always been able to push both brands equally as with other artists on Dirtybird who have their own labels, such as Catz n Dogz with Pets. It's really about strategy and knowing how to work within the framework of each label.
EM: What inspired the move to release a remix EP to Disbehave?
W: I always love hearing the interpretations that people take on remixes, and I personally love working with some interesting sounds when I do remixes. So It was definitely a no brainer that I was going to try and do a remix package.  I feel like it is such a great move to do it after you put out an album, because there are so many songs and opportunities for new interpretations. It also gives you a chance to expand the original project out to some new listeners by having other artists put their spin on it and take it to their group of fans. And of course, it's an awesome opportunity to work with artists that you love and admire, and collaborate with your homies.
EM: What can you tell us about the process for deciding which remixes you choose to include on the album?
W: I was very selective about who I chose to ask to do remixes for this album. Everyone I hit up to do a remix for me came back with something that sounded amazing. The artists I choose for it I have worked with at some point during my music career. Matt Tolfrey put out my first record on Leftroom Limited almost a decade ago. Thugfucker are straight homies and I love their sound and vibe so they were one of the first artists I thought to hit up. The Stanton Warriors have become good friends over the last two years and we have some shows coming up together this Spring in SF and Miami during WMC, so our collaboration seemed like a natural fit. Yolanda Be Cool, who I have been friends with for ages, were together at my set at Disco Knights at Burning Man this past year and we spent some serious time together out on the playa (they were even with me when I proposed to my girlfriend), and we are mutually inspired by each other's music, so I know I had to get them to do a remix - that was a no brainer. I hung out with Walker & Royce at SXSW 3 years ago and they have been just making incredible music since I meet them, so they were on my list.  I also wanted to work some of the upcoming artists that I have on Anabatic like ADMN and Will Clarke who are making amazing music. It really has a lot to do with personal relationships but also people I just feel make next-level tracks. I feel so lucky to have such an amazing group of artists on this remix package, and am a bit taken back when I look at the lineup of artists and how great each song is. I could give a little story on each one but that would take too long. I just want to thank everyone involved in this project.
EM: You're a longtime resident of San Francisco. What about the dance music scene in San Francisco differentiates itself from the rest of the country?
W: I think it has to do with the community of people in this city who really love dance music. There is such a passion that exists with people in this city for going out and not only dancing but truly educating themselves on music. People are very open-minded and generally speaking know about multiple genres. I think it comes from the roots that lie here with Hippies and Beatnicks and the love for getting lost in the psychedelic music experience. People just pick up on that when you are here and gravitate here because of it. I also think the size of the city is perfect where it is big but not so big that you lose the community aspect that exists in the scene. I can go out almost any night to a club and know at least a couple of people, if not dozens, and that makes you feel at home no matter where you go out to. The size of the city lets there be mutliple amazing venues that will be packed in every weekend and have amazing shows all week long. I really can't believe that such a small city can have such an insane music scene. It's ridiculous how many good bands and DJs roll through SF on the weekly. It really is something special here.
EM: How did it feel being managed by the same company as Kygo, Thomas Jack, and Riff Raff?
W: I did not know they were working with Riff Raff too, that is cool. It was a pretty great experience and I learned some great stuff while working with Myles.  He is an amazing person and really passionate about what he does. So it was fantastic to be looped in with him and that lot of artists. It was right when Kygo and Thomas where going big, so it was amazing to be there at that moment.
EM: How have you been able to establish a balance between your home life and working and being on the road?
W: It is really tough at times. I always wish there was more time in the day to do everything I need to do. I have a 1 year old daughter, a fiance, a house, and a crazy ass music career. So I am always struggling to have time to juggle everything that I want to do. But I would not give up any of them. I just try and prioritize what is most important and work when I ever I can, even if it means in the middle of the night or on the road. And I make sure I take time to chill out and be with my family after I have been gone multiple days. I make sure that the time I am spending on each aspect of my life is focused, and try to check in with myself so I can become more balanced. It's exhausting, but some how I seem to get everything done that is most important.
EM: Can you reveal any other special projects or new music you have in the works?
W: I just got out of the studio with Sinden last week, where we finished up one track and are working on a second one. I also have plans to get into the studio with Yolanda Be Cool next week, while I am on tour in Australia. I am working on a track with Stanton Warriors, ADMN, and Kriptus as well. Upcoming for me, I just finished a remix for the M Machine on OWSLA, and have a remix I did for the Stanton Warriors coming out next month as well. I am also working on finishing up a couple of tracks for some new EPs. The first will be released on Anabatic after the Disbehave Remixes come out, and the others I will be shopping to some other labels.
EM: Here's the soapbox - anything else you'd like to say to music fans around the world?
W: I just want to say thanks to everyone who has supported me throughout the years. It has been a crazy experience and I could not do what I do without you. I can’t wait to see what we can all do together next and I am going to keep on pushing harder to make better and better music for you.
Part 1
1. The Words Feat. Audio Angel (Thugfucker Remix)
2. On the Floor feat. Kevin Knapp (Stanton Warriors Remix)
3. Handle It (Mason Remix)
4. Damm Fine (Matt Tolfrey’s 25th and Lincoln Remix)
5. Luna Feat. Carla Garnder (Walker & Royce Remix)
6. Burned (Tom Budden Remix)
7. Infect (Smalltown Djs Remix)
8. I Get (Pezzner Remix)
9. Words Feat. Audio Angel (Bachelors of Science Remix)
Part 2
1. Handle It (Yolanda Be Cool’s Disco Knights Remix)
2. The Words Feat. Audio Angel (Nick Monaco Remix)
3. Dark Bridges (DJ Icey Remix)
4. On The Floor feat. Kevin Knapp (Saeed Younan Remix)
5. I Get (Aaron Snapes Remix)
6. Damm fine (Jason Burns Remix)
7. Dark Bridges (ADMN Remix)
8. Stars Attack (Will Clarke Remix)
9. Disbehave (Jamal Remix)


"Luna Feat. Carla Garnder (Walker & Royce Remix)"

  • Anabatic Records
  • 24-Feb-15



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