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Marcio Lama makes us yearn for "Winter In July"

The newest track from Dominican producer Marcio Lama has something of an elevating effect. When played on the dance floor, "Winter In July" serves as that vocal track that reminds you why you started listening to this type of music in the first place. It's chill melodies, paired with Binks' vocals, transcend the typical listening experience on the dance floor. You'll find yourself closing your eyes as you dance to Lama's track so that the rest of your senses can focus in on each movement through the song.

Lama describes "Winter In July" as a nostalgic tune, and he might just be spot on with that. It reminds us of the energy that used to emanate from this genre not too long ago, but this time it's with a new spin. Make sure to have a listen to the track below!


Marcio Lama

"Winter In July" (Feat. Binks)


Dance · House · Progressive


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