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Austin based indie rock group The Vantage find their "Place In The Water" [Premiere]

There are many things that Austin, TX does right like bar-b-que, or handlebar mustaches, or great niche film centers. One thing that Austin undoubtedly does great is music. It's robust history of music has flourished and created artists like guitar virtuoso Stevie Ray Vaughn, liberal country rock anomaly Willie Nelson, batshit crazy psych-punk rock group Butthole Surfers and a couple of music festivals and conferences you may have heard of. One new band hailing from the lone star state and following the path of their indie-rock brethrens Spoon is the indie-pop rock outfit The Vantage. Their sound is a blend of poppy indie rock melodies reminiscent of Imagine Dragons with a mixture of dark and sunny guitar riffs to ignite your soul with rock n' roll.

Let latest single "Place In The Water," is a strong ballad drenched in diverse instrumentation, profound percussion and infectious guitar and synth chord progressions that will set you on your own path of self-discovery. Their structure and vocal pattern is a reminiscent of Walk The Moon with the indie prowess of American Authors. Find your own place in the water and keep your finger on the pulse of this bustling indie pop outfit.


Indie · Pop · Rock


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  • I love those boys from their RVA days. I miss them terribly but and so proud of how far they have come to live their dreams!

    Avatar Amers February 17, 2015 2:55 PM Reply

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