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Give your ears a "Rich" treat with Cosmo Sheldrake's new edit

Growing up in my parents house meant watching a fair share of independent foreign films, I'd be lying if I said I enjoyed all of them but there was one movie that was oddly mesmerizing. "The Triplets of Belleville" was different than any cartoon I had watched and, while I don't speak French and didn't understand entirely what was happening, the tone and atmosphere of the movie with the catchy music stuck with me. London's Cosmo Sheldrake has captured a similar essence with his latest edit "Rich".

This song is purely infectious, laced with character and can probably elevate the worst of moods. Anndreyah Vargas adds the perfect element with her spirited buoyant vocals. The combination of unique vocals, clapping beats, acoustic guitar and soulful wind instruments make this a foot tapping gem that shouldn't be missed. Cosmo Sheldrake has shortened the track substantially with this new edit but retains all the key elements of the original track.  His new debut EP Pelicans We will be available for presale April 6 2015.



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