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Ski Suits, Ice Sculptures, and Snowfall: Igloofest 2015 [Festival Review]

Igloofest in Montreal is one of Canada's most unique winter experiences, there is no doubt about that. The diverse lineup that the festival brings every year leave future audience members left excited and curious to hear new and popular musicians. This year saw producers and artists from all over the world come to share the Montreal winter sensation.  

The ninth annual event has just finished after a long stretch over twelve dates total. Igloofest hosts two different stages with different VJs and DJs for each separate night that delight the 80,000 total attendees over the course of all four weekends. In total it is one of the longest outdoor running events that takes place in the winter and it has made it's impact in the industry.

EARMILK has outlined the best musical moments, artist sets, and features of the festival that made Igloofest 2015 so spectacular. Whether seeing the colourful apparel people come dressed in, the positive attitude in the crowd, or simply the quality music, Igloofest will provide a unique experience.   

Igloofest's Light Show

The massive visual display Igloofest brings every year is certified eye candy. With a series of local VJs hired to work with the specific musician performing, this festival sets the standards high for what an audience can expect to see. The designs for the Sapporo stage are unique every night, so the crowd can always expect something new.  

Igloofest Light show 2 VI
Photo credit: Vivien Gaumand

The Dirtybird Records Night  

The first Saturday night on January 18th saw an amazing spectacle when Kill Frenzy and J.Phlip played a back-to-back performance. I caught up with Kill Frenzy that night to ask about his latest music in an Interivew. Justin Martin, who last year headlined beside Claude VonStroke, closed the Dirtybird event with a special show that went one funkier.

Kill Frenzy b2b J.Phlips Lea Lacroix
Photo credit: Léa Lacroix
Igloofest Dirty Bird Everyone Sylvain
Photo Credit: Sylvain Granier

Intimate Moments At Videotron Stage

The second stage at Igloofest hosted a serious of talented local artists and Quebec VJs combined. The high crate walls make for a warmer relief when the open dance floor atmosphere at the Sapporo stage can become too cold. Inside the Videotron Stage you could always expect a different scope of deep sounds and experimental music. 

One of the highlights at the Videotron stage was during Eekkoo's insane show on February 7th. This Mau5trap artist and Montreal native played a unique set of techno music that had the entire audience stuffed to the walls. People started to hop over the barriers because this set was so hot to hear. 

Igloofst Video Tron Stage
Photo Credit: Sylvain Granier

Igloofest Video Tron 1
Photo Credit: Sylvain Granier

Flosstradamus's Chaotic Show in The Snow

Sunday night the first weekend saw a blizzard fall down on the crowd in really comfortable temperatures (comfortable considering the -36 degree start that weekend). People were stripping down in the action as Flosstradamus brought out the inner hydnation in everyone. They dropped literally anything in their set that night and it all resonated with the crowd's energy. 

FLosstradamus's  Thibault
Photo Credit: Thibault Carron

Flosstradamus Snowfall Shot
Photo Credit: Sylvain Granier

Oliver Heldens Sharing His Canadian Love

Oliver Heldens magical performance on January 25th had the crowd going crazy with nothing but pure affection. His energetic sound of future house and booming melodies helped everyone keep warm by jumping up and down. He shared his love for Montreal near the end of his set by flying the Canadian flag on stage. 

Igloofest Canadian Support 1 Pete
Photo credit: Pété Photographie

The Snowfall On The Crowd

While snowfall can cloud your vision, it also makes for a perfect laser amplifier in the outdoors. Instead of focusing on the artists playing music, it's typical to see someone lost in gaze at the dazzling sight of snow drifting down on the crowd at Igloofest. 

Igloofest Snowfall 1 Thi Carr
Photo Credit: Thibault Carron

Keys n Krates Live Performance 

On February 1st the temperatures dropped significantly below 20 degrees celsius, but this didn't deter the crowd that gathered to hear Keys n Krates. This three piece act puts on an amazing show under any conditions and showed the Montreal scene the true nature of live trap music. 

Keys N Krates Live Performance
Photo credit: Pété Photographie
Keys N Krates
Photo credit: Pété Photographie

Paul Woolford and Midland's Vibrant Back-to-Back Set

There is no doubt that the lasers splashed across the night sky on February 7th were intended to enhance Paul Woolford and Midland's back-to-back performance. These two musicians made the final Saturday night of Igloofest a spectacle of jungle sounds matched with a tropical palette of colours. 

Paul Woolford b2b Midland
Photo credit: Thibault Carron

Igloofest Lightshow 1
Photo credit: Thibault Carron

Igloofest's Location in Montreal's Old Port

Located just south of Montreal's old port on the pier, Igloofest marks its majestic presence by filling the streets of Old Port every weekend. Frequent attendees and first timers are always  blown away by the sight of the festival and all it's glory upon approaching the entrance.

Igloofest Location 1 Thi Car
Photo Credit: Thibault Carron


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