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Lonely Boy dips into "The Subtle Frenzy" of reality

Imagine a swath of mountain ranges interwoven with trees and snowcaps. A groundbreaking architectural feat of the natural world. Picture a horizon the likes of which only millions of years and unpredictable weathering could produce.  Are we on the same page? Good.

Now, listen to the tune below. It's called "The Subtle Frenzy" and it was produced by Los Angeles' Lonely Boy. The progression, the emotion, the grasp on the beautiful nuances within a semblance of shared reality. Those mountain ranges and this song fit together like the mind and soul; the separation fuses and melts away with every second.

"The "Subtle Frenzy" is a song that is close to my heart. It poured out of me in one long session, during a creative surge that was a big turning point in my ongoing artistic transformation. After making it, and another tune called 'Everything' - I really felt like I had connected to a deeper part of my soul. It is that genuine emotion that is enabling me to become a more authentic artist, which is an ongoing personal quest! I'm also happy the release is on wax, as now I have a physical dedication to my dear friend Kent, who passed away in November." 

Regardless of your personal reality, take Lonely Boy's music for what it is: the flawless realization of both meditation and excitement, lowkey and highbrow. The Desert Hearts-affiliated artist is releasing "Subtle Frenzy" via his Like Disco EP, which will be available on Futureboogie later this month.


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