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E.A.S.Y. flaunt their stuff in "Coming Around Again"[Video]

 The Northeast US-hailing duo E.A.S.Y. is at it again. We recently brought you the electronic producer's track "Coming Around Again", and now we've got the music video to boot. It can be hard to tell these days which producers are actually able to step up to the booth and put on a good live show with mixing and such from the producers who just push the play button. And far be it for me to say whether you should care or not, but I do know that a DJ doing live mixing and feeding off of the crowd's energy in real time is typically a much more exciting performance to watch.

The video shows off that these guys are no stranger to live DJing and mixing. For a bit of added spice, they even switch stations in the midst of playing just to let us know they mean business. Make sure to take a peek at the video below!


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