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Waterstrider unveil new single "Calliope" with visual counterpart [Premiere]

Oakland, CA-based act Waterstrider is a rumbling five-piece known for alternative vocal tones and shimmering guitar licks, as evident on past singles "White Light" and "Redwood". 

Today, the fivesome are ready to unveil their newest offering: a single that goes by the name of "Calliope", which hails off their debut album Nowhere Now, out April 6 in the UK and April 7 in the US (of which "White Light" also belongs to). As if that wasn't enough, Waterstrider are also dropping a music video directed by Joe Nankin, which features complex yet moody narrative structure and content. (See below)

Speaking at large about "Calliope", frontman Nate Salman says the track revolves around the "psychological battle" one can experience with his or her muse, where the unknown force behind a creative process can be prove fearsome to give into.

Pre-order the album on iTunes and get "White Light", "Redwood", and "Calliope" all at once, right away.

Alternative · Dark Pop · Experimental · Indie


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