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Catlips releases sneak peak of upcoming EP, 'Casual' with "Fade" [Premiere]

Katie Campbell has contributed her talent to the Perth-based band KUČKA as a live electronic beats performer, but as Catlips (autocorrected as Catnips), she's able to let her unique abilities all shine together. Between Boiler Room and touring sets, she’s demanded some attentive ears. Following a somewhat future trend, her sound has house reminiscent roots with a whole package of quirky synths to accompany the sassy pizzaz that glitter her tunes. Everything feels colorful, you can hear it in the music and you can see it in her aesthetic; she absolutely brings contemporary fashion to all parts of her work.

In this Pilerats release “Fade”, she keeps it trendy, and not in the monotonous, stereotyped way. It’s plucky and upbeat, but those house-y vocal chops and shallow claps make this a full-on ear party. It’s a nice treat, since this seems to break the rules a bit. It will be really interesting to see what else she concocts in the future, but we’re sure it’ll be magical!


Catlips - Casual



  • Pilerats Records
  • March 6 2015


Dance · Eclectic · Exclusive · Future Beat · House · Indie · Synth


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