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Curren$y carries his first leak off of 'Pilot Talk 3' in a "Briefcase" [Video]

Mr. Consistency is back and it feels great knowing he is still here. Curren$y, the weed smoking, thousand project dropping, New Orleans repping rapper hasn't gone anywhere really. While he has recently released some great projects, most notably Drive In Theater, the emcee has had a significant lack of major big studio albums. However, fans waiting on the next major Curren$y LP might not be waiting much longer, as he has already confirmed Pilot Talk 3, the third installment of his popular Pilot Talk series he began in 2010. In typical Spitta fashion, he shows and proves in the best way possible: with new music to enjoy. 

Curren$y must have the high score in "rapping about weed and still making it sound dope as hell." His contemporary rival's music took a serious nose dive, and his closest competition are some of the legends in the game, namely Redman. Spitta's latest single, "Briefcase,"  continues his hot streak...with out much effort. 

"Briefcase" is a song about, well, smoking weed and making money in the pursuit of a lavish lifestyle that includes hot women and smoking more marijuana or marijuana based products. Somehow Curren$y has found a new way to repackage this theme in a way that will get stuck in your head and implant itself into your daily lexicon: "Handcuff my favorite bitch to the briefcase." Obviously, the production is fantastic, utilizing an old school jazz sample with a beautiful horn leading the charge.

Spitta's choose to go the grassroots route for the "Briefcase" video and it captures his hilarious, charismatic stoner ways. For a short period of time, the rapper is in the club with a giant pack of Nerds, just chowing down. The middle of the video is interrupted, when Curren$y attempts to compliment a woman on her jean jacket and she promptly sends darts his way. It's a great set of visuals. 

Pilot Talk 3 better come soon, fans have been waiting for over four years for the third part of the trilogy. Luckily, Curren$y has gotten better since 2010 and this project might shape up to the best in the series. 

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