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Karl Kling's (of RAC) "Careful" is a nice drop of summer in the bleak of winter

Portland based producer Karl Kling has been a pivotal piece in the remix artist collective, aka RAC. Just recently he decided to take some time to focus on his solo work more and we are glad he has. His latest single “Careful” is a glistening synth heavy electro pop song reminiscent of early Postal Service and PlayRadioPlay brooding with the indie pop prowess of OK GO. Synths bounce and reverberate like children on a summer’s day emphatically pouncing away on a trampoline. Karl’s vocals resonate over the bubbly and euphoric track that is a nice welcome drop of sunshine during the bleaker months of Winter. If this is an indicator for what’s to come in the future then we don’t mind the side step from RAC. Careful is the first single off Karl’s forthcoming full-length LP out March 3rd via Ghost Beach’s Crazy Heart Records. You can preorder the self-titled LP here.


Dance · Electro Pop · Pop · Synth Pop


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