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"Sing" along with Happy Accidents and the "Songs We Like" [Download]

About a month ago, right around the holiday season, I received a small care package in the mail. It was a tiny little black box, with only a poker chips, a pair of die, and a single domino coated in matte black. The only words I could make sense of were two on the back of the domino stating "PLAY ME." For the first week or so I thought it was a regular domino, but once I found the ability to pop one side off I found two awesome mp3s from the geniuses at Happy Accidents.

I enjoy these types of promos, because it's much more than just a submission. They made me anticipate the final release, which turned out fantastic. As the blogs begin to buzz over the duo, their new BLUR cover of "Sing" I took the liberty of grooving all day to myself. Not only that, but to complement the single they also released a complimentary, one hour mix titled "Songs We Like". Think of British pop and electronic music meeting up and having a baby, and that baby ends up being extremely laid back. 

Check out and get to know Happy Accidents now, and head back in time to listen to their last remix of "Don't Wait".


Happy Accidents

"Sing" & "Songs We Like"

  • February 2


Electro Pop · Pop


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