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Louis Futon destroys it with self-titled EP [Download]

It seems like electronic music is fairly over-saturated with artists just trying to "make it," and sometimes they do for a little while. The internet has started to foster a music generation of one-hit-wonders: producers that make a single track (typically a remix) that gets a solid amount of play time, and then gradually, they fade off the map. After hearing this Louis Futon EP though, you'll see that this dude is here to stay, and has the capacity to destroy remixes and originals alike. 

This seven track EP includes four originals, two of which ("Sir Rock" and "Drnuk") were previously released as singles. The other three songs on the EP are remixes from none other than Kill ParisTjani, and Kasbo, throwing their own twist on Futon's unique sound. The future vibe is strong with this selection, which will probably serve Louis Futon well as he continues to tour Down Under in Australia. Up for free download: go and get your groove on. 


Louis Futon

Louis Futon EP

  • Unsigned
  • January 30, 2015


Bass · Dance · Electronic · Future Funk · Garage · Trap


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