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Hiko Momoji, Father, & Abra make an ode to "Late Nights"

Hiko Momoji is a 19 year old producer from New York and he is damn good at doing his job. Unfortunately, he only has two tracks available on his Soundcloud, which makes this claim harder to justify; unless of course, you actually take the chance on him and push play. Momoji uses sounds in an incredibly inventive manner that hints at talent way beyond his years. His technique draws you in with the warmth of familiarity, but leaves you on the edge of your seat waiting for the next experiment to begin. 

The young producer's latest single, "Late Nights,"  features fellow upstarts Father and Abra, both of whom represent Awful Media. Momoji's beat's melody is reminiscent of the old Fisher-Price kiddie toy pianos, with grating high notes and slightly off key resonance giving the song an innocent or lovely air. This childlike character is the perfect juxtaposition for Father's nonchalant debauchery. The emcees employs his usual conversational style flow and provides another mind conquering hook. "Hey look our favorite show's on/Hey, why the fuck we have our clothes on?" Momoji and Father's combination works effortlessly and comes together quite nice.

However, once Abra touches the microphone "Late Nights" takes off into the atmosphere. Not only does the beat drops at this point, with Momoji finally adding the layers of low end hinted at earlier in the track, but because the songstress rides the beat exceptionally. Her voice is beautiful and deceptively cutesy, because her verse is quite erotic. Abra incorporates some lolita style in her tone and delivery, which works so well with Momoji's production.

Momoji's debut, Howl, is due out soon and it should be on your radar. "Late Nights' is a fun adventure of a song, proving that this producer deserves a spot in your playlist. He is only at the begin of his career, but he can seriously be going places.

Hip-Hop · Rap


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