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Bingo Players talks "Nothing To Say", 2015, and shares favorite tracks from 2005 [Exclusive Interview]

One of the most recognized names in dance music today, Bingo Players commands attention through high energy electro progressive shows that grace the stages of festivals and clubs worldwide, as well as chart-topping releases via Hysteria Records. Though the passing of one half of the Dutch dance duo won't soon be forgotten, Paul's legacy lives on in Maarten's fierce commitment to the project and the anthemic tracks that keep fans dancing. "Knock You Out", a vocally-driven, bittersweet track that happened to be one of the last the duo worked on, dropped last spring and soon found company in a remix EP with versions from Hardwell, Gorgon City, and Mr FijiWiji.

Since then, we haven't heard much new content from Bingo Players until Maarten's recent 2 Million Fans milestone mix unleashed a cavalcade of bootlegs, followed soon thereafter by his next original, "Nothing To Say". Available today via Beatport, the track soars to dazzling heights through chopped vocals and running drops that embody the dynamic and spirited Bingo Players style that we know and love. Take a listen to the track below and read on for more about what "Nothing To Say" means to Maarten, a new artist on the hoizon known as Noonie Bao, as well as a look at his favorite tracks from 2005, right before it all started.

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EARMILK: It's been a good number of months since your last release. Was "Nothing To Say" started and finished in this time or do its roots go back past "Knock You Out"?
Bingo Players: The initial beat and melody concept goes back a while, before "Knock You Out" for sure. With all Bingo Players tracks though they develop over a period of time – so rarely does the first draft sound like the last. I keep working on the track until I think it is the best it can be and only then will I release the song. If it takes a while that’s okay with me.
EM: What does this release symbolize to you? Any special meaning to the track?
BP: Every track I release now has to honor Paul – I wouldn’t put anything out that I don’t think he’d be proud of so I always keep that in mind before releasing an idea. It’s also special because it’s starting the year for the label Paul and I started, Hysteria. I’m incredibly humbled with the support the song has received - the support that I’m getting from fans and other producers is amazing. If anyone reading this has supported the track, “Thank You!”
EM: I remember you telling me that before a track comes out on Hysteria, you vet it a lot on the dance floor. Do you still do this? For both your tracks and other artists on the label?
BP: Oh of course yeah, I’ve been playing this track out for a while and the crowd responds really well to it every time. I wouldn’t put anything out that killed the vibe on the dance floor haha.
EM: You had a 2 Million Fans mix come out. How long have you had some of these tracks? Are there any others that you wanted to include but didn't get to, or any that you hesitated to put in the mix?
BP: A lot of these tracks and bootlegs I have had for a while. They’ve become fan favorites so I wanted to put them in one place where people could hear their favorite mash ups. It was the perfect way for me to get things out that I play a lot in my sets but would never be able to release because they are bootlegs or don’t really fit the genre on their own. The bootlegs I included in this mix range from when Paul and I started Bingo Players back in 2006 all the way up until today.
EM: Seeing as it's almost 10 years since Bingo Players started and that mix had a lot of throwback tracks, what are some of your favorites songs from 2005? 
Deep Dish - Flashdance 
Daft Punk - Robot Rock
Kanye West - Golddigger
Royksopp - What Else Is There
Chemical Brothers - Galvanize 
Amerie - One Thing
Outkat - The Way You Move
Kelis- Milkshake 
Junior Jack - Stupid Disco
Nelly - Hot in Here
EM: This question gets asked a lot to smaller producers, but, as a world-renowned artist, are there any up-and-coming acts you'd like to collaborate with?
BP: I’m really digging the stuff that Noonie Bao has been releasing lately. She’s a really talented writer and singer from Stockholm. She has a really unique sound and a real talent for writing original sounding melodies.
EM: One last thing: name something you've never done that you are hoping to accomplish in 2015. Big or small, personally or professionally.
BP: This year a big focus is going to be creating new music and working with great vocalists to create songs as well as club tracks. I think it is important to mix things up and I am excited for a year full of new music and collaborations.


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Bingo Players

"Nothin To Say"

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