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Sonny Blake cruises through "City Lights" [Exclusive Download]

Austrian imprint Tiefparterre continues to set itself apart with downtempo releases that skirt the line between experimental electronic and house vibes. It's a sound specially curated by the label and purposefully leans toward the underground, a mission reflected in a namesake that translates from German to "basement". At the end of 2014 Sonny Blake graced the outlet with his Perception EP, which spanned a total of eight tracks including six originals and two remixes. Some works dipped down into slow reveries that plodded on in cinematic beauty; others ramped up to a galloping 131 BPM for a quickstep all clubgoers would love.

As a followup to Perception, Sonny Blake has decided to put a free down in the form of his new track "City Lights". Shimmering melodies pervade the work, supported by an ever-present, strobing mid, which allows the track to articulate themes from both dance and electronica in one smooth phrase.  Download the exclusive track below, only from Sonny Blake, Tiefparterre, and EARMILK.


bcity lights cover artwork

Sonny Blake

"City Lights"

  • Tiefparterre Records
  • 2015-01-30



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  • This tune is so fricken BOSS....one to play on loop! Full Support <3

    Avatar Kerry Reeve January 30, 2015 1:58 PM Reply

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