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"After Tonight" you'll be putting ASDF and YUG's latest track with Melanie Fiona on repeat [Premiere]

You may remember Toronto producer YUG from an interview we had with one of his musical projects Boss and Swan a ways back when he was on tour with ATB. If not, now is the time to refresh. He's teamed up with a few other Canadians, producer ASDF and Grammy award winning vocalist Melanie Fiona on their latest release "After Tonight", and it is definitely worth taking note. We've got your first listen below, so don't miss out.

 Fiona's vocals carry us through this track, going hardly untouched, as the hushed electronic productions are interspersed with a mellow trap beat. While at first listen, "After Tonight" may come off as a chill track, don't be fooled into underestimating it's power. Each segment of the song moves fluidly into the next, luring the listener right into its control.

Crack a listen and you be the judge. Were these three artists meant to collaborate OR were they meant to collaborate?!



"After Tonight" (Feat. Melanie Fiona)


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