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Appleby releases tender lullabies, "Drinkin" and "Scars in Waiting"

My latest treasure to be uncovered and cherished is: Appleby (pronounced Apple-bee), a 23-year-old from Chicago with a sultry voice and emotive words to match. While most artists, today, rely on their appearances (or rather, their aggrandized portrayal) to push their music, Appleby's lack of—his identity and face is yet to be revealed—allows the music to be interpreted as it naturally and purely is, without inconsequential distractions. What that earns us with Appleby is a personal and moving offering, stories from his life, musings about life. Instead of characterizing his music as doleful or somber, it's fairer to describe it as music that is honest and real.

Appleby recently dropped two new tracks, "Drinkin" and "Scars in Waiting," and these aren't songs I would quickly breeze over, but listen and ruminate on (Hint: they get better with each play.) Let his relaxed cadences and soothing melodies drown out the world…



Electronic · Hip-Hop · Indie · R&B · Soul


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