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Submerse yourself in the bass soundscape of Bedrockk's "Oceans Lifted" [Premiere]

San Francisco based producer Bedrockk is a bit of a chameleon and wears many hats both on the decks and outside of the DJ booth. His music is a colorful exploration of bass music, trap, soul, and effortless experimentation. Outside of the booth he is the founder of the San Fran and Denver record label Dirty//Clean, which is a collective of like-minded musicians pushing the boundaries of future bass vibes.

His latest single “Oceans Lifted” is a euphoric journey through light and sound. He builds a static and electric atmosphere that makes you feel as though you are slowly rising or traveling with the music. Just as the song releases it plummets you from the cliff you are standing on propelling towards the water below where you are submersed in this distorted gymnasium of bass sounds and 808 undertones. Cop a free download below and dive head first into the future waters with Bedrockk.



Bass · Dance · Future Beat


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6 years ago

✌️✌️✌️“: Submerse yourself in the bass soundscape of Bedrockk's "Oceans Lifted" [Premiere] - http://t.co/vuU02LS7FW @bedrockkmusic”

Lane @ Modern Granola
6 years ago

Cool. I like.