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Kid Moxie's "Lacuna" gets an epic remix courtesy of MAPS

Released toward the end of last year, Kid Moxie's incredible 1888 is now being given the remix treatment by a number of talented artists.  Following Serafim Tsotsonis' remix of "Museum Motel," UK producer and prolific remixer MAPS has stepped up to the plate for a remix of "Lacuna," possibly 1888's most emblematic track.

He takes the original's Ladytron-esque synth-pop strut and stretches it out to six minutes, stripping away all the excess vocals and leaving only the repeated line "I think about it all the time, the day I found out you were mine, red flowers in the water."  It's a more epic and anthemic feel than anything on 1888, as if MAPS decided to bring things up a notch into full-fledged dance music territory.  It's still the original's haunting vocal and addictive synth hook providing the lifeblood here, which is a testament to MAPS' sense of balance as a remixer.  Check out the track and the original "Lacuna" music video below.



Kid Moxie

"Lacuna" (MAPS remix)

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