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Alp and his 'Midnight' EP want to be "With You" [Video]

Turkish songwriter/producer Alp has that certain je ne sais quoi about his music that really makes you want to listen to it. Perhaps it’s the earthy, pillowed instrumentation or the wispy vocals that lure you in. Maybe it’s the deep bass and chill vibes. Whatever does it for you, you have to admit that Alp has got something cool going on.

“With You” serves as the opener to his Midnight EP which is out now, available as a free download. It starts with waves crashing on the shore and takes off into layered production with Western style guitars, thumping bass, and ghostly vocals. This track reminds me a bit of Purity Ring with Beg’s vocal contribution and also in the chill yet emotive turmoil in the music. The rest of the EP features the same lush production with more or less elements of ambience and future bass.


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