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Azure offers us an "Heirloom" worth checking out [Video]

After witnessing the latest from Azure, the self proclaimed "poet with no turtleneck," I've come to the conclusion that I need a few days to go through and catch up with all of the amazing talent that's been coming out of the Bay Area. "Heirloom," the first track from his upcoming Leap Year LP, has the HBK Gang member and touring DJ for IAMSU! doing is thing in the UK as he travels to some breathtaking spots while donning a Union Jack. Whether it's in the backseat of a whip or in the middle of a desolate path late at night, he's shown us that he's got bars for days. IAMSU! and Kuya Beats both come through on his spectacular beat that complements his powerful flows and diction ( "To a television movie, love is always selling something/ if I sell it to the youngins then it's setting up the function.")  If this is the first taste from Azure, expect some gems in the near future. While Leap Year doesn't have a release date as of yet, don't forget the kid: Wildfire, the debut album with his group  Down 2 Earth is set to drop on February 10th.





  • January 22nd, 2015


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