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That's Nice reboots Marz Léon's "Levitation" with shimmering nu-disco production [Premiere]

That's Nice breaks down Marz Léon's minimal "Levitation" and reconstructs it into a shimmering nu-disco gem on his newest remix.  The independent producers, also known as Mario Rdz, turned heads in 2014 remixing Phoenix, Miami Horror, Keljet and more.  He starts 2015 with a massive new remix of the song "Levitation" by the self-proclaimed "Love Goddess" Marz Léon, best known for her buzzy single "L O N E R" (check it out if you haven't already).  Her original is a gorgeous, minimal atmospheric track dripping with melancholy but That's Nice flips the script, transforming the song into a imminently dance-able, shiny, upbeat nu-disco jam.

That's Nice leads into his massive disco production with Léon's longing voice, which he layers electronically for added emotional impact.  The beat hits like something off Daft Punk's Random Access Memories with heavy bass, lots of funk and a healthy dose of robotic vocal samples.  This new banger and the rise of similar tracks like "Classic" by the Knocks begs the question about whether disco will have a full-fledged comeback in 2015.  With artists like That's Nice and Eau Claire driving the genre, we think so.

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Marz Léon

Levitation (That's Nice Remix)

  • 2015-01-20


Dance · Exclusive · Nu-disco


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