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Adam Snow creates beauty in "Cameras (Part II)" [Premiere]

DC-born producer Adam Snow is most known for his work producing for hip hop legends like Lil B and Tayyib Ali. Recently however, he's branching out and releasing solo projects, and if "Cameras (Part II)" is any indication, he's about to become a bit of a legend himself. 

To celebrate his birthday, which is today(!!!), he's releasing this track and showcasing all that he's got. "Cameras (Part II)" is stunning, melodic, beautiful, and a good song to mellow out to, especially if any of you guys went a little too crazy during Taco Tuesday last night. 

Check out the track below. 

Beat tape · Exclusive


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  • this man has crazy potential~!!! OMFG cant wait to hear more

    Avatar jammin January 21, 2015 4:32 PM Reply

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