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Get a Room!'s "Agony & Pain" is straight up amazing [Premiere]

The Parisian French duo that comprises of Aurellan Haas and Jeff Larson are getting ready to debut their first EP with Yuksek's Partyfine Records on January 26th. While this is their debut release, they masterfully have crafted together "Agony & Pain," a track that meshes night-drenched electronic influences with funky, disco-rooted sounds, making the track edgy, while still maintaining the fun sound of the record label. 

It's versatility and addicting nature will most likely bring many to the dancefloor, and DJ's clamoring for the track. Get a Room! might be Yuksek's latest and greatest find, and this is definitely another must hear from the label. This will be the 11th release from Partyfine.

Check out the stream below. 


Screen Shot 2015-01-16 at 8.03.15

Get a Room!

Agony & Pain

  • Partyfine
  • January 26, 2015


Dance · Exclusive · Nu-disco · Tech House


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