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FKA twigs finds herself bound in her new video "Pendulum"

FKA twigs delivered one of our favorite albums of 2014, with her incredible debut LP1. While you can find traces of R&B or Pop stars of yesteryear in her music, her style consistently pushes the envelope and transcends boundaries many artist restrict themselves in. This vanguard nature presents itself in all aspects of her craft; from twigs' experimental production choices, to her enthralling videos, nothing she does can ever be viewed as conservative. However, if her few oddities scare you off, her beautiful voice and intoxicating lyricism are more than enough to fully ensnare you.  She provides listeners with so much that is new and different, but easy to love. 

Twigs' latest single, "Pendulum," received the video treatment and as you may have already guessed, it is a sight to behold. The song finds twig's lamenting about a relationship that is clearly one-sided, but she is too afraid to leave; it seems like she is tied or held back thanks to this lover. "Pendulum's" accompanying visuals beautifully realize this vision. For half of the five minute runtime, our sad protagonist finds herself bound in ropes. As she hangs there, any signs of protest cannot be seen. Rather, she dully stares into the screen transmitting her sadness to the viewer.

In "Pendulum's" latter half, twigs break from her confinement and transforms into a digitally rendered puddle. During the bridge, her face reappears and longingly stares at the audience once again; it is impossible to break your stare from her big eyes as she almost looks through you, as if your were the translucent material and not she.  Finally, the ex-backup dancer materializes and begins dancing on top of the watery material—a la TLC "Waterfall" style. Once twigs stops moving, a brief stare ensues.

Reading a description of the video does not do it justice. FKA twigs and everyone who was involved in the production of "Pendulum," did a great job bringing the emotion and story to life in a unique way. You should definitely give the visuals a try and then listen to LP1, you will not be disappointed. 

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