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Feels Friday 007

Music in it's simplest, most basic purpose is to convey and express oneself through an arrangement of sounds. Though the definition of music can vary from people to social contexts, we can all agree that it directly affects our emotions one way or another. Whether if it drops you into a sob-fest or shoots you into pure ecstasy, music is made to change how you feel. It's no mystery why you tend to choose happy-go-lucky songs on a beautiful day, or why you seek out dark songs on the worst day of your life. We honor those who make it their mission to stir the big pot of emotions in this week's volume of Feels Friday.

It's the new year, and 2015 is already looking good music-wise. We'd like to kick things off with this volume dedicated to those classic good vibes. It's only natural that we humans tend to gravitate towards things that are uplifting and happy-go-lucky, which is why we lined up a bunch of songs that have future funk, french house, and even disco influences to get the masses up and going. 

Start with The Knock's high-octane power single "Classic" to get your kicks tapping. NEUS is slotted in the midway checkpoint with his disco injected "Discokiller". As Falqo throws you a curve ball with some heavy french-house with "Feel Your Love", we close it all out with a slow, sensual groove thanks to Beerlover

New year, new feels. Do it to it. 


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  • I fucking love Feels Fridays.

    Avatar Rog January 24, 2015 8:51 PM Reply

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