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Wet remixes Kan Wakan's "Like I Need You" [Download + Video]

Wet has a dramatic, cinematic style to their music, and it doesn't stay with just their original music. Their remixes are just as sweeping and beautiful, and this new remix of Kan Wakan's "Like I Need You" is absolutely stunning. 

Taking the female vocals from the original and weaving them into something magical, Kan Wakan truly gets taken to the next level with Wet's version. It's trippy, laced with drippy sounds throughout, and absolutely addicting. With freaky vocal manipulations inter-spliced throughout, adding to this bizarre piece that's hard to resist listening to over again and again. 

Download this via pay-what-you-like via Bandcamp, and stream or watch the video below. The LA-based Kan Wakan consists Crooked Waters and  Peter Potyondy, we have included their original "Like I Need You" below as well. 




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